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Cindy Maddera

Jeff shot this giant rubber band over into my cubicle one day. I could have shot it back to him, but instead I've left it by my key board. In those down times when I'm reading something or listening to someone, I'll pick up that rubber band and twist it around. One time I set the rubber band down and saw familiar shape. I laid the rubber band down in the same shape on my sticky notes and drew in some eyes and a beak. It wasn't much, just a few dots here and there and that rubber band was turned into a turkey. 

It was a simple moment of creativity. Sort of like finding shapes in the clouds. Since that day I've made it a point to take a few minutes to throe down that rubber band and find a shape. I never force it. If the image doesn't come to me quickly, I set it aside for another time. It's like solving a puzzle. I like to think that solving this puzzle makes me better at solving bigger, more important puzzles. 

Happy Love Thursday