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I have set up a shop with Nuvango to sell some of my photographs. AND I AM SO EXCITED! No really. I mean, just look at what they've done to my scooter picture. My shit looks legit ya'll! I couldn't be more pleased. Even if I don't make any money, it's just nice to see my pictures in such a professional light. Last weekend, Michael and I were sitting at communal table at a brewery. A group of four came up and asked to share our table and we said "of course!" I reached up to slide my camera over to make room and one of the women asked "Oh! Are you a photographer?!?" I opened my mouth to say "no", but before I could say anything, Michael piped up with "yes she is." I wanted to protest. I wanted to say "no, no, no." Instead, I just sat there not saying a word. 

I can hardly call myself anything close to a professional photographer, but I do take a nice picture every once in a while. My little shop on Nuvango gives me a sense of pride in my work. So...maybe you need a pretty framed picture for your wall. Maybe you need a nice new iPhone case or a fancy screen for computer. Wouldn't it be nice to have a lovely set of greeting cards to send out a note to a friend or loved one? These things also make great stocking stuffers!

So go check it out! Follow the link here or under Shop under the header on my blog. And thanks for all your support!