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Hey, remember when I said something about still not being sure that this whole domain and hosting crap would not fall apart? It fell apart. The original no longer works or re-directs to this site. Here are my options: 1. Pay the current hosting place 2. Move to a different cheaper hosting place or 3. Own the domain name, but forget about using it any more. I'm really leaning to number three mainly because I don't want to pay for more hosting. Also, I kind of don't really care any more. But Michael was all "NO WAY! You are not dropping that domain!". It was in an email, so I'm only assuming that he was pointing his finger at me while saying that. There's also that whole thing about everyone knows the dot com address. There's search history to that address. It's the first house I ever lived in (I still remember my childhood home address as a route number). I'm sure when I discuss these options with Michael he'll convince me to pay for the extra hosting. Any way, I am aware that there is a problem and I'm working on it. I promise. 

The weird thing is that I kind of feel like I have an inkling of what I'm doing. I still haven't emailed Todd in a panic. Todd's probably all "Thank God!". Not that he has been anything but wonderful when it comes to my panic about the blog emails. But come on. Todd has his own gig to deal with. I'm super thankful for all his help, but I'm also thankful that I can take that burden from him. It feels nice to be able to say "Hey Todd? You don't need to worry about this. I've got it". It feels nice to say it and almost even believe it. I've got this. No really. I've got this. I'm grateful for that confidence.

What else? Sometimes Thankful Friday turns into a just a wrap up of the week. Not a bad thing at all. I am so thankful for the time I spent with friends last weekend. There's nothing better than letting a friend's baby chew on your finger or making that baby laugh. Oh! The joy of making a baby laugh. I'm thankful for the afternoon and evening spent in Robin's backyard talking about everything. I am thankful for slumber parties at the Jens' and puppies that sneak into the bed to cuddle with you.  I am thankful for some pretty stellar moments on my yoga mat. And....get this....I'm thankful that construction on the bathroom is finally going to start next week. Really, I'm thankful that Michael called the company so I didn't have to. I'm thankful for you guys too.

Here's to a blissful weekend and a super Thankful Friday!