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Later last week I got a group text inviting all to Terry's for fire pit and sausages and to celebrate the engagement of Bradley and Greg. They 're getting hitched in Seattle next week. The text informed us all that there would be cake and to bring a gag gift. I stewed over what to do about the gift for about a day before finally deciding that I could not do a gag gift. Marriage is a big deal, particularly when you've been denied the right to a legal marriage. Until now. So I decided that I would by them the traditional Target Wedding Gift Card. 

Tucked back into the farthest darkest corner of the engagement and wedding greeting cards at Target, I discovered two choices for Groom and Groom. Later that evening we would all be joking about this and how they'd end up with both of those cards. In fact the choice of engagement cards would be more of a disgruntled joke for some, but I have to admit to being thrilled with the discovery of those two cards. I didn't expect to find ANY cards. Yes, Kansas City is fairly progressive and liberal, but MO as a whole is not. This state is still debating the issue of same sex marriage. This particular Target store sits right on the State Line with very conservative "Christian values" Kansas on one side. There is always a line for the drive through of the Chick-fil-a in the parking lot of this store and I never saw a single protester there when the Chick-fil-a owner was yelling out his anti-homosexual nonsense. It's not that I think that area is the type to throw rocks at homosexuals, but it doesn't really give off an all embracing type of of vibe either.

When I saw those two groom and groom cards, it filled my heart with hope. I could easily envision the day when I would find a whole section full of cards to celebrate this kind of occasion. It's just like that dancing guy video that circulated around years ago. One guy starts dancing and before you know it he has a crowd of people dancing with him. It starts with these two cards and before you know it you will be walking the greeting card isles and wondering why it never had such a selection before. You will be amazed at how stupid and hateful people were back then regarding this fundamental right as an American citizen. You'll push your cart while shaking your head in disbelief that this was never the norm. 

I am so happy for Bradley and Greg. I met Greg on my first AIDS Walk Open and Bradley soon after. I've seen this pair grow from puppy love to best friends and into true life partners. They are a couple and they are deserving of Target Wedding gift cards and "bridal" showers and most importantly a legally binding license. I wish them all the best.

Oh and I completely forgot to take my phone or camera, so there are zero images from that night on my phone. I am not sorry that I spent the evening disconnected from the internet or my lens.

Happy Love Thursday!