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Cindy Maddera

I've been dreaming of a getaway. Every email that's come in promoting a chance to win a trip to Peru, Paris, Thailand, Any where, I have diligently entered. Last Saturday, we took the Cabbage up to a farm just north of Kansas City. Kansas City is strange. It is a city, urban sprawl and everything, but just barely another five miles north, south, east or west of it is all farmland, rolling hills and forests. It's like you hit an urban sprawl wall and just on the other side is corn fields. So, any way, Saturday, 45 minutes north of us, we were frolicking on a farm, riding ponies, picking apples, and feeding chickens. Then we were loading up a wheelbarrow with pumpkins. Or I loaded up a wheelbarrow with pumpkins while Michael looked at me with raised eyebrows and the ticker tape of "really?" running across his forehead. What? The Cabbage picked out the tiniest pumpkin. I can't carve that! 

While we were in the apple orchard, the Cabbage and Michael ran off hunting apples as I strolled slowly along the path with my camera. It was nice in the orchard. Warm. The trees blocked the cold wind. The sun was so bright it made everything look techno color. I inhaled deeply catching the smell of farm animals and rotting apples, which doesn't sound pleasant, but really is kind of nice and I thought "wouldn't it be great to just spend a weekend strolling?". I got home that evening and looked into some bed and breakfast places in that area. All of them are booked right through Thanksgiving. 

It should come as no surprise that this urge to pack up some bags and a good book and running off to some remote area should hit me just as construction begins on the bathroom renovation. I greeted the guy in charge of construction Wednesday morning (he was an hour late) and left him with a key. I headed to work with a knotted stomach. Talaura and Michael both did their fair share of talking me down and assuring me that all would be fine. All will be fine. It's going to be just fine. But honestly, I've had this travel fever for some time now, way before we signed up to have the bathroom remodeled. 

There's something about packing and preparing to go to someplace new. That anticipation of what's to come, the excitement of staying in a new place. Jumping on a hotel bed. Eating vacation food. All of those things are lovely things that I am craving. So for today's Love Thursday we are going to play a game. We're going to pack a suitcase for an adventure. You can go anywhere. I'm going to pack jeans, comfortable walking shoes, layering t-shirts, a comfortable sweater, maybe a nice skirt and sandals and a rain jacket. My passport is tucked into the side pocket of my camera bag. I've downloaded a copy of Rick Steve's guide to Italy and I've brought along a couple of empty SD cards. 

What's in your suitcase?