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Cindy Maddera


A couple of weeks ago, the latch on my rice cooker busted. It would still cook, but liquid would boil up and leak out the sides. Now let me just say that I do not own a microwave. I never bothered to get a new one when we moved here. Four years later and I still have no plans on getting a microwave. I don't miss it one bit, but my rice cooker? Michael told someone once that I'd probably starve without my rice cooker. And he's right. Three days a week I eat steel cut oats for breakfast. Some of you out there may say "Who has time to make steel cut oats in the morning?!?" No one. No one has time for that, but the rice cooker does! I put my oats and water in the cooker the night before, set the delay start and BAM! Breakfast is served. Wednesdays are late days for me and I don't get home from yoga class until almost seven. I'll put some rice, mung beans and spices in the cooker and set the delay start and BAM! Dinner is ready when I walk through the door. Last week I finally broke down and purchased a new rice cooker. Actually, Michael sat me down at the computer and made me order a new rice cooker. It showed up Tuesday and I couldn't be more pleased. I was concerned at first because it looks so much smaller than my old one, but turns out, it's kind of like the Tardis. The cooking bowl is the exact same size as the old one. I know right? Magic. Magic and new technology. It may seem silly to be thankful for a rice cooker. I've mentioned here so many times how important routines are for me. It should be no surprise that my food is part of that routine. When a piece of equipment that plays a large role in facilitating the maintenance of that routine breaks down, it causes me a little bit of stress. Attachment causes suffering, am I right?

So yeah, I'm thankful for a new rice cooker, but really for me it's more than a rice cooker. It not only provides me with good nourishing food, it soothes me. I am thankful for my food, Amen. I am thankful for sunshine. I am thankful for rain. Yin and yang. I am thankful for the giant cabbage leaves we will be eating next week and the one tiny blossom on my tomato plant. I am thankful for today's forecast of 100% chance of scooter because there's nothing sweeter than riding a scooter on a Friday. I am thankful for you. As always.

Here's to a blessed weekend and a truly Thankful Friday.