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First of all, I'm going to straight up tell you that I am not getting anything from writing this post. I'm pretty sure companies in general don't even know I exist. Trust me. No one is paying me to write this, nor am I getting a free pair of shoes. At the beginning of every summer, I buy myself a new pair of Sanuks. They make their shoes from recycled yoga mats and I think they're super comfy. I usually go for the loafer looking ones, but their new yoga slings caught my eye. The problem is they have a strap that goes between the toes. Those of you who know me, really know me, know that there's nothing that disturbs me more than straps between toes. I have made attempts to get over this because there so many cute summer shoes out there and they all have between toe straps. Every time I try on a flip flop of some kind, I start clawing my skin off.

Then I saw those yoga slings and I thought "maybe". I carefully read through all of the reviews on Zappos and there really wasn't anyone saying anything negative about these shoes. Most everybody was all "these are the most comfortable shoes ever!". So I added them to my virtual cart and pressed the purchase button. Dang it if those people weren't right about them being the most comfortable shoes ever. It's like walking around on your favorite yoga mat all day. But I still had to get over the between the toes strap thing. I wore the shoes for two days before I finally stopped twitching. I think it helped that the material of the strap is like an old Army T-shirt I used to wear to sleep in. I loved that shirt. It was so soft. That poor shirt was almost as transparent as a window by the time I threw it out. The strap material on these shoes is of a similar cotton. It's wide and I obviously feel it's presence between my toes, but it's soft so I don't mind so much. People, I am finally wearing shoes that have a strap between toes! This is a pretty big deal. I mean, just imagine how this changes my shoe possibilities! doesn't change my shoe possibilities by much. It just means that I now want a pair of yoga slings in every color.