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I feel like today's Thankful Friday is going to turn into a list. There's really not one specific thing that I am thankful for this week as much as it is a big basket of things. Finally, after months, weeks, days and hours of waiting Charlotte Ripley Calger has decided to make her appearance to this world. And I can't stop tearing up over it. I remember last year at Amy and Roger's wedding how every time I'd look over at Amy, we'd both start tearing up and then Matt would yell at us "Batgirls don't cry!". It was just such a beautiful and happy time that neither one of us could keep it from leaking out our eyes. Multiply all that emotion by three (...there were three in the family, that's the magic number) and that should give an idea of the scale of emotion Charlotte brings to the table. I am blown away. Amy is a mother. We have this new being in our presence. I am thankful for all of this. I am thankful that all is well and healthy with mom and baby. I am thankful for this new life I get to be a witness to. As we say hello to a new life, it is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to an old life. This week announced the death of a truly amazing woman. Maya Angelou was more than just a writer. She was and will always be an inspiration. There is so much more that can be said about this woman, but I lack the eloquence to do so properly. Maya Angelou was the type of woman that I'd wished was my grandma. Not because I could see us baking cookies together, but because I knew that she would be the kind of grandmother to give the wisest advice. I knew that she was someone to teach me valuable lessons. I am thankful for the beautiful words of wisdom that she has given us, for the incredible example she is. It is our duty to make sure that her legacy lives on so that generations to come will know this amazing life.

I am thankful for evening walks that lead us to our local library and a new found blend of spices called zatar. I am thankful for the fireflies that twinkle in my backyard on summer nights. And I am thankful for you. Here's to a wonderfully Thankful Friday.