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I feel like I've been pretty quiet this week. The few posts I've done have been easy fluff pieces quickly written to fill up space. I have things to write down. I swear it. I'm just not ready to write them down. Also, to be honest, I'm tired. I have yet to fully recover from our weekend. I feel behind. Like my usual routine is off just enough to make every thing feel delayed. I should have done this by now or this should be finished by now. And I have plans for the weekend, big working plans that are contagious because Michael started talking about building a fire pit in the backyard. He showed me where he thought it should go and everything. As contagious as those plans may be, he still asked me if there will be sleeping this weekend. I promised that I would not wake him at all on Monday. Memorial Day weekend for many is the kickoff to summer. Indeed this week has definitely had a warmer, summer time feel to it. Most of us are thinking of that long weekend and barbecues. It's easy to forget the reason why we have a Memorial Day holiday at all. It's just an excuse for department stores to host big sales events right? Memorial Day used to be known as Decoration Day. It was a day that families set aside to remember soldiers lost during the American Civil War. In some southern states, they still hold the tradition of picnic gatherings at grave sites where they also take time to clean up the stones and place new flowers. Memorial Day remembers all of the men and women of the US Armed Forces who have died while serving their country. Today at Floral Haven where J is buried, they will raise over 3000 flags in remembrance of the soldiers buried there. For those of us who know the loss first hand, every day is Memorial Day, but I am thankful that others take time to remember. People who never ever met J will raise a flag in his memory. They will remember that this man died doing a good dead in the name of our country. I am thankful for this. I have had so many people thank me for my sacrifice in regards to J and it always makes me angry for reasons that I just won't get into here. I will probably never admit that J died for this country; he died in service to his country. There's a difference. But what I can be thankful for is knowing that J was a good man. I am thankful that he did his duty and service with integrity and bravery. I am thankful that he was passionate in his beliefs and ideas. I am thankful for him in general. So maybe take a moment while standing in the check out line at Macy's to remember those who died while serving this country.

I am thankful for the things we've eaten from the garden this week. I am thankful for scooter days and evening walks. I am thankful for the air conditioning unit mom gave us that Michael installed in his room (it was one dad had put in the garage to keep peanuts cold). I am thankful for the time spent with family last weekend. I am thankful for you. Here's to a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Thankful Friday!