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Late Tuesday night or I guess really early Wednesday morning I woke up to go to the bathroom. I noticed that Michael was still up, just not in the house. Sometimes he sits out in the garage with his iPad. It was a warm evening. I had the windows open with all the fans going and had just about drifted back to sleep when I heard the sound of a speeding car, followed by the screeching sound of breaks and then a loud thump as the car collided with something. I got out of bed and looked out into the garage and Michael was gone. Then I saw the guy that lives across the street running towards his house. I went back inside to get some shoes on and that's when Michael came in. He had run to the corner of the street when he heard the crash. Someone beat him to the scene and yelled back to call 911. The rest of the night was punctuated with the sounds of sirens and metal being cut to free the passengers from a car that was now wrapped around a tree. The news the next day reported that the two passengers were in serious and critical condition. Police had tried to pull them over for a minor traffic violation. The car sped off and police decided it wasn't worth pursuing except the guy driving the car didn't realize that and kept speeding away until he crashed into a tree. Stupid and senseless. The incident left us both a little shaken. Thursday evening, Michael and I walked up to see the tree. The family of the driver was there and they asked us if we could tell them anything about that night. We found out that the driver did not survive.

I am thankful for many things. This is a neighborhood where you can often hear and see kids playing in the yards, riding their bikes up and down the side streets, skateboarding, being kids. If that car had been flying down that street during normal hours, the chances of that driver causing more than just damage to himself, his friend and a tree would have been pretty high. I am thankful that no one else was hurt.

I know that Mother's Day is on Sunday and that I should have devoted today's entry to my mom. When I walked out to an empty house and an empty garage I was suddenly terrified. I nearly passed out from relief when Michael came in the door. I know more than most how scary life can be and how things can turn on a dime. I am thankful for that sigh of relief. I feel horrible for that family, but I'm thankful that no one else was involved.

I'm also thankful for my mom. Happy Thankful Friday.