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I almost did not sit down to write a Thankful Friday entry for this week. This has been a full week. Projects at work. Preparing for a presentation for lab meeting. Last night I dreamed that I was at a banquet for bloggers and was trying to work on my lab presentation while being introduced to some influential (could help me get published type) people. So of course, I have my presentation open on one window while I type this in another. Yesterday I volunteered at Michael's school for Health Day where I taught three hours of yoga to rowdy teenagers. Then there's been the matter of getting the house set to rights. Over the weekend, in between charity walking, we moved Michael out of his apartment. That left me with the task of finding space for some of his things that wouldn't fit in storage and didn't really belong in the basement. There was also some after moving recovery time needed. Michael and I both agree that part of the money we save for the new house goes to hiring real movers. So technically, I should just be thankful that this week has come to an end. And I am. The week really did seem like it lasted twice as long as usual and I have to admit that I'm still smarting in places from lifting heavy things. The super purple bruise I'd been sporting on my left thigh had just healed. I've replaced that bruise with a hoard of new ones. There's one on my right wrist that I keep licking and trying to rub off because I think it's a dirt smudge. It has also been cold and rainy all week. The heater has been turned back on and the electric blanket put back on the bed. I think I do this every year. Take the blanket off. Put the blanket back on. Take the blanket off. Put the blanket back on. This morning I stepped out of the house fully expecting it to be cold, like really cold, but was surprised by tolerable temperatures and a completely cloud free sky. This weekend we will have take the blanket off weather.

I am thankful. Really when I try to add onto that sentence, the bottom line is that I am thankful. I could tell you that I'm thankful that we are no longer funneling money into Michael's apartment and that this puts us that much closer to our dream house. I could tell you how grateful I am for Ashley (the girl subletting the apartment) for helping with the move. I could go on and on about how thankful I am that I made time to put the house in order (even dust and vacuum) during the week so that I don't have to do it this weekend. Also a disorganized messy house makes me twitchy. I could even tell you that I am thankful for the opportunity to teach those teenagers something about finding some peace and quite in a world that is not so quite and peaceful. Of course I am thankful for all of those things. But really, I'm just thankful. I'm thankful for the normalcy of my life even the boring parts where all I'm doing is watching TV. I used to worry that Michael would realize that I am only 10% exciting and wow (and that 10% happens in my head and on this blog). The other 90% of my life is fairly mundane and boring. It is laundry and grocery shopping and TV marathons. It's sometimes poking around in the garden or dusting and vacuuming. It's what everyone else's every day looks like. But Michael will plop down onto the couch, pull my feet up onto his lap, look at me and say "I want to do boring things with you".

Here's to a beautiful weekend and super Thankful Friday.