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The window in my office space looks out towards the Plaza. I also have a lovely view of the loading docks and the garage for the grounds' crew. Sometimes I'll look out the window and see a giant pile of mulch that's been recently delivered other days it might be soil or bits of cut up tree limbs. On Tuesday, there was a pile of tulip stalks and bulbs. I could see a few of our employees picking through the stalks and collecting bulbs. Jeff walked passed the window around this time and said "you're going down there aren't you?". I waived him off, said that I didn't need those bulbs or even had a clue as to what I'd do with them. But I continued to linger by the window, staring wistfully at the pile of discarded tulips. Katrina and I were texting back and forth when I asked "Do I need those bulbs?" and Katrina replied "yes!". This was seconded by Talaura saying "GO GET THEM!". So I found a box and headed down to the loading docks. By the time I had made up my mind to go get some of those bulbs, the crowd had dispersed. I was all by myself out there, picking through the stems and bulbs. I had no idea what I was doing or even how to choose. It was just stems and bulbs. The blooms where all gone, so I really didn't know what I was getting. I don't know what it was about sorting through the discarded tulips. The warm humid morning? The stillness? This quiet moment to myself gathering hope? I don't know, but I was moved and filled with joy. I had no idea this would make me so happy. My mom carries a shovel with her in her van (to quickly dispose of bodies) so that when she sees an interesting plant on the side of a road she can pull over and dig it up to plant at home. When she first told me this, I just shook my head. Except now here I am doing practically the same thing. OK Mom. I get it. I get the appeal.

The box of bulbs are still sitting on my desk. We've had scooter weather up until today, so I haven't been able to cart my box home. My cubicle has an earthy smell from the dirt that still clings to the bulbs and roots. I am excited about the possibility of what is inside that box. I know that there will be tall purple tulips, medium pink ones and short white blooms because that's what we had in the beds here. I just don't know which bulb is which. When they pop up out of the ground they will be a surprise of color and heights. It's like planting Christmas presents, not knowing what's inside the wrapped boxes. And this? This has filled my heart with joy this week.

Happy Love Thursday!