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Michael has been getting his haircut by the same girl for years now. She lives in the suburbs of Lee Summit and works out of her basement. Recently I started letting her cut my hair too. At first I thought it would just be more convenient, but turns out I like the way she cuts my hair. This is a long version of why we were riding our scooters all over Lee Summit and the back roads of I don't know where all day on Saturday. And it was glorious! Michael needed some new t-shirts so we left early enough to stop in at JcPenny's for a bit of shopping. Did you guys know I only owned one pair of shorts? Now I have three! Any way....after Penny's we strolled around the outdoor shopping center and discovered an olive oil and balsamic vinegar shop where we found ourselves doing shots of olive oil at 11:00 AM out of tiny communion cups and then doing shots of oil and vinegar mixes. We were well greased and some dollars lighter when we left that store. From the mall, we made our way to Casey's (our hairdresser) house so that we could both get our "summer cuts" ('cause we thought it was summer, but today the high is 60 and I have put my electric blanket back on the bed). But we both look really pretty with our new shorter hairs. After our haircuts, Michael said something about wanting new goggles for his helmet. I have a pair of aviator goggles that I bought a few years ago that I love, but they have gotten worn. The soft padding doesn't really rest on my face any more. I said that I would also like a new pair of goggles, but they had to be the exact same kind as the ones that I already have. Michael did a quick search for motorcycle shops between Casey's and our house and said "follow me! I know the way!". Except his way turned into a highway. To avoid having a Clueless Freeway Freakout, we ended up on this little back country road that was nothing but rolling hills and farms and got kind of lost. We had to make a stop or two to consult a map. We finally made it to the motorcycle shop that Michael had found. Knob Noster Motorcycle Shop. It was right across the street from a "gentlemen's" club called Legs. I really wish they had a website to link to, because the guys running the shop were totally the Click and Clack of motorcycles. They did not have a huge selection of goggles, but they had one box of aviator ones (just like my old ones!) and a handful of Metzeler elephant stickers (I think it's a brand of tires). We left the motorcycle shop to make our winding way home, staying just ahead of the threatening storm moving into the area.

One of the things I love about this city is how easy it is to get lost in the coolest places. One minute you're riding down a typical city street. Stop light, stop light, stop light. Then, suddenly you're on a country road. No stop lights. Not even a stop sign. Nothing but lush green farm land, hills and trees. It makes me want to figure out a way to safely mount my camera to my scooter so I can just hit the button any time I want. Snap, snap, snap. Saturday was a good day to get lost.