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A few days before the start of Lent, we were all sitting around the lunch table at work, discussing our Lent intentions. When I said that I planned to get on my mat every single day, Richard pipped up and said that he had an idea that would help me do that. His idea was for me to teach him yoga. I said "yes" even though my insides were saying "NO!". It had been so long since I'd taught a yoga class that I was beginning to think that the "yoga teacher" part of my resume was just a phase I'd gone through. At first when I greed I also added the stipulation that wouldn't really teach as much as just share my practice with him. But then I started thinking about his tennis practice and the whole sharing my practice thing turned into an actual "I NEED to teach you toga". Then I started to grow a little anxiety tree because I hadn't taught a class in so long. I feel like the first two classes really reflected this and by the third class I still didn't really feel like I'd gotten my teaching legs back. By the end of the fourth class, something changed. A shift in the alignment or focus. Something. I left class that day with that feeling that I had almost forgotten about. This is where I get all wackadoozle on you and drift into the lulu side of yoga. There is an experience that people who have reached an enlightened state during their yoga or meditation practice they describe as being filled with light and unbelievable joy. Those descriptions are not unlike the feeling that I would get while teaching. Thursday, as Richard and I walked back from class, that somewhat enlightened feeling came over me and I could feel that joy creep up and onto my face. So today, not only am I thankful to have the feeling back, I am also thankful to Richard for nudging me back into teaching. I still have very little desire to find a paid teaching gig and Richard really is the ideal student. He has zero previous yoga experience and no previous conceived ideas about alignment. He also asks questions during class about this or that so there are times when I really feel like I am teaching. It's just good.

Thursday was a good day. First day of Spring. Weather that allowed for the scooter. New glasses (I'm not to thrilled with this, but happy to be able to see). Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City came by and picked up boxes of crap from the basement. Michael has been off this week for Spring Break and every day I've come home to some new task he's accomplished. Things I didn't even ask him to do! Simply put, I am grateful. Here's to a wonderful weekend and a truly Thankful Friday.