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Just the other morning, I stepped outside to start my car before work and I noticed something different about the air. It was still cold. There was still (kind of is) a layer of snow on the ground. Yet there was something different. The air had a crispness to it that lured you to believe that the temperatures would get warmer. There was a different tune of bird chirps and the squirrels were frolicking about. It just felt like we were one step closer to Spring. I mean, it's not an unreasonable feeling since we are Springing forward on Sunday. I would say something about remembering to set your clocks ahead, but I only have one in the house to worry about and I never have it set to the correct time. It just seems lighter outside, is all. Like the heavy clouds of winter have lifted a tiny bit. I expect to see little crocuses popping up out of the ground any day now. I don't know if it's the hint of Spring I feel heading in our direction or just the need to get off my posterior and accomplish something, but I have been doing some highly productive grown up things around here lately. Last Friday, I did my taxes. ALL BY MYSELF. That was exhilarating. I have cancelled our old internet. It only took thirty minutes of on hold time and two transfers (and guessing answers to security questions that Chris had set up). I dropped my DVD subscription with Netflix and dumped Hulu Plus (really no need for it with Google TV). Yesterday I met with a financial adviser at work to see about contributing some of my paycheck to a 403b account of some sorts and rolling over an old investment account into my current one. heard (read) right. I am being responsible.

Wait kids! There's more! I cleaned out a whole kitchen cabinet of unused mugs and glassware and...AND, I made an appointment to have my eyes checked (I can't see the board in our Java class). I know right?!? I feel like I am karate chopping this thing called life and I'm working my way up to black belt. I have even set a goal to post at least one thing on eBay this weekend. Golly. Who am I? I don't even know, but I'm thankful for this sudden rush of momentum. Really, I don't know why I procrastinated so long on some of these things because every task I've accomplished has left me feeling pretty dang good. That is definitely something to be thankful for.

I am thankful for so many things this week. Steph's dad had a health scare and I'm super thankful he's going to be OK. I am thankful for the people who send their love and support when it's most needed. Not just to me, but to others out there who are struggling. Sometimes it's just enough to know you are listening. I am thankful for that knowledge. I am thankful for avocados and buffalo tofu (tofu made like buffalo chicken, in the cafeteria at work! my work place is awesome). I am thankful for the promise of a productive weekend, but a truly splendid Thankful Friday.