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I don't know if you guys have heard, but apparently it's baseball season. At least that's what Michael keeps telling me. He says that baseball season starts with Spring training and we've already fast forwarded our way through a game of Royals vs Diamondbacks(?). There's more in the DVR queue. That's how Michael watches a game on TV. He records it and then fast forwards until something exciting happens. I have no idea how he'd handle an actual at the stadium game. One thing I've noticed about him is that he has a hard time sitting still. When we rent a movie at the house you should be prepared for pauses and breaks. It took us two days to get through The Wolf of Wall Street (it is a really long movie). It surprises me that of all the sports, baseball is Michael's most favorite thing. He says that baseball is a metaphor for life. Most of the time it's really boring and then something exciting happens and then everything goes back to boring until the next exciting thing. Any way...the man loves baseball. There are stacks of baseball cards on his desk and boxes of them stored in the house. The first thing he set up for the DVR to record just happened to be baseball. Recently, because baseball season has begun, the word "baseball" has fallen out of Michael's mouth about as frequently as the phrase "I love you". That may be an exaggeration (or not). He has mentioned to me a few times how great it would be if he could coach high school baseball. He knows a lot about the game, just not how to coach it. Last week he found out that he wouldn't be coaching cross country track in the Fall. He was not disappointed by the news, but did use the opportunity to ask the athletic director about assisting the baseball coach. The baseball coach has an assistant, but did not turn down Michael's offer to help. A couple of days a week, Michael will be hanging out with the baseball team, helping the coach and assistant coach and learning how to coach baseball.

Tuesday, Michael came home after his first practice with the team and he was just like a little kid. The first thing he wanted to do was show me what he'd learned and how he taught a kid to throw a baseball and this and that and baseball and and and. He was just so dang happy. It really was the cutest thing. Michael usually puts me to bed in the evenings. He's a night owl (yeah...), but that evening his eyes were drooping as we lounged on the couch. Sometime around 8:30 he looked at me and said "I want to go to bed now. Can I go to bed now?". He was all tuckered out from his big day of baseball. I am apathetic when it comes to sports. I just don't really care. I may watch a little college football (go Pokes!) or pay a tiny bit of attention to college basketball (again..go Pokes!), but that's just because I've got college pride (go Pokes!). Michael's enthusiasm for the game, though, is a little contagious. I just love seeing how happy it makes him. I am 100% supportive of his decision to get some coaching experience because it's something that I know he will really enjoy doing. How could I not support something that brings him so much joy.

Here's to supporting each others' passions. Happy Love Thursday!