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The minute I typed out that title, the Christmas Waltz popped into my head and I've been humming that tune ever since. I realize that I am singing a Christmas song while thinking of Spring. It can't be helped. Oh, Karen Carpenter...sometimes I think you're my spirit animal. Any's that time of year where we are teased with the idea that Spring is getting ready to settle in for good. When I say tease, I mean literally dangling the sucker over the baby's head and jerking it just out of reach every time. I've been told that's what it's like to transition between actual seasons. There's no transition of weather in OK. Today happens to be one of those days where that baby thinks he might actually get the sucker. The sun is shining and it's a whopping 62 degrees outside with a predicted 70 degrees by the end of the day. Tomorrow may be even warmer, but a chance for snow in the evening (I don't even understand that). So of course this means that scooters were ridden today. Actually, Michael got on his and ran a few errands yesterday. There was a mention of ice cream, but I couldn't be bothered to put on bra yesterday let alone real pants for riding the scooter. I did make sure that V would start and placed some new stickers here and there on her. This morning I bungeed my yoga mat to the seat, pulled on my gloves and took off for work. I made it half way up my street before the laugh involuntarily bubbled up and out, bursting free with a loud guffaw. The joy that riding the scooter brings is jut not containable. So much so that I'm willing to risk coming home in the rain (possibly snow) tomorrow. Scooter season has begun and I am reminded of all the other things that come with Spring. Tulips, planting the garden, and the Kansas City AIDS Walk. For so many years the AIDS Walk was a Fall time tradition for me. I'm still getting used to this new Spring tradition and I feel like I've been caught by surprise by it this year. I've done very little in the way of fundraising. I missed out on the AIDS Walk Open this year because I had too many grown up obligations going that day. That's usually my kick in the pants fundraiser start for the AIDS Walk. Today is the day I begin my campaign to raise money for this year's AIDS Walk. And here's why. Today I welcomed the beginning of Spring or at least the idea that we are moving into Spring with a joyous scooter ride. Not only does riding the scooter make me so dang happy, it gives me hope for more scooter rides to come. Spring carries with it the hope of warmer temperatures, green grass and beautiful blooms of new life. No wonder Kansas City chooses the Spring to host their AIDS Walk. Because all of us involved with the walk have hope. We have hope that one day there will be a cure or at least a longer healthier life with HIV. We have hope that our younger generations will have the proper education to avoid contracting this and we have hope that each year we will see fewer and fewer new cases. That's one of the many reasons why I walk.

So from now until April 26th, I will be fundraising for the Kansas City AIDS Walk. For every person who donates, you will have your choice of any size print of any picture you want from my Flickr or Instagram feed. If you look to the right side bar of the blog, you will see a button for my Flickr page under the "Find Me" header. You will also see a couple of new links under the "Some Other Things I Do" header. There's one for my Instagram page and, most importantly, there's a link to my AIDS Walk fundraising page. Let's fund some hope! Please and Thank you!