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The check engine light came on (again) while we were driving to OK last weekend. The issue with my car has been a problem for quite some time. The car occasionally makes what I call a coughing type feeling and then goes on it's merry way. The last time the engine light came on, I took into the dealership and they couldn't find a problem. I decided the problem had something to do with how much the car just sits around during the summer. The guys at the dealership said to just "keep an eye on it". It's a problem that Michael is constantly on my case about getting checked out and every time I just sort of nod my head in a noncommittal way while secretly sweeping the problem from my brain. Michael took the car into the Tulsa dealership on Saturday while Mom and I traveled to see Dad. The mechanics there were finally able to tell us why the check engine light was on (cylinder misfire), but they didn't have the part to fix it. I will spend my Saturday at the dealership here getting the problem fixed. I had also scheduled Google Fiber to come by the house and finishing installing our new fancy pants internet. While I'm getting the car fixed, Michael will be dealing with Google and helping me cancel with our current internet provider. I am not good with rejecting or saying no. Conflict of any kind makes my throat close up. We both agree that of the two of us, Michael pulls off a stern, no nonsense tone of voice the best. It probably helps that he has lots of practice since he teaches freshmen math and well...freshmen...enough said. I'm thankful that someone finally has a clue as to what's wrong with my car (not that it's been a huge problem, but still...) and that it's something that will be covered by the warranty. That's a completely new concept for me. It's probably one of the reasons I pretended that this issue was something that could be ignored. It comes from post traumatic stress of dealing with car problems where I would end up paying for things usually during a time in my life when I could not pay for things. I'm thankful that I got talked into buying a new car when I did.

I feel like this post just got very boring. I was emailing back and forth with Robin the other day, asking her if she thought I was capable of doing my own taxes this year (side note: I've never done my taxes. I've always had people near me that just did them for me. This sounds so princess and spoiled, but yeah) and in her reply she said that my blog has been making her cry a lot these days. I could not disagree with her. I can see my posts falling into old habits. I feel like everything I have to say is a sad song (but they say so much). It is really not my intention for every post to have this underlying layer of funk and I definitely don't want this happening on an entry that I devote to a weekly gratitude practice. I have things to be thankful for. I have a good life. I have good people in my life. There have been moments this week where I have laughed and laughed. I tell you this so you know that I'm not all just doom and gloom and disappointment.

I am thankful for every moment of laughter this week. I am thankful for the sunshine and the joy I've found on my mat. I am thankful for big bowls of grown-up mac-n-cheese. I am thankful for Skittles. I am forever grateful to you and your kindness. Here's to a grand weekend, but a truly Thankful Friday.