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Cindy Maddera


This week most of the snow was completely melted away from my front yard. The only visual evidence of our snow storm are the piles left by the side of the drive from shoveling and that one spot near the front of the house that never sees sunlight. We've started referring to the ice/snow mound in that spot as Glacier Maddera. It's been with us since the first snow. I've been thinking of making a sign for it. Any way, this week has been one of those weeks that tease you with the possibility of Spring. We had thunder storms with spectacular lightening Wednesday night. I've been able to walk from one building to the next without crying. I haven't had to start my car before eating breakfast in the mornings. I almost even rode the scooter to work one day (it's still too cold in the mornings). Then on Thursday it rained. Except the rain turned to snow. And I turned to grumbling. I've noticed a trend in weather around here. The winters here are rough. The last day of winter is supposed to be March 19th. I know from my years in Oklahoma that winters never end when they say they are going to end. Winter there was often a mix of Spring days with some cold days. That happens here too, but the cold days are brutally cold frostbite warning kind of days and come with the potential of 2-10 inches of snow. This does not end until mid to late April. By the time Spring really gets here and stays put, you are ready to run naked through the tulips. Jeff said to me Thursday while I pouted "get over it. You now live in a place that gets snow. Deal with it". Then I punched him. No I didn't...wait...I did punch him in the arm, but that was before he said that and when I saw that Smart car (it's the new Slug Bug). I did not reply to Jeff's comment. Instead I started griping about the guy in front of us in a huge F10 truck trying to park in a compact parking spot (idiot).

But Jeff is right. I live in a place that gets snow. I remember a few winters when I was little when I'd beg for it to snow. I wanted to go sledding and build snow people. I wanted to make igloos and have snowball fights. That didn't happen very often in Oklahoma. I can remember three sledding events and one snowman. We made him look like Mr T with chains and a mohawk. Mom likes to tell a story about Randy when he was little. Randy was born while Dad was stationed in the upper peninsula of Michigan. All he knew was snow and he loved it. When they made the move to Oklahoma, Randy spent the first winter just sitting on his sled waiting for it to snow. It never snowed that year and he was so disappointed. Every time I post pictures of our mountains of snow here, Jen Tucker squeals with delight and talks about all the ways she'd play in the snow. I'm a little ashamed to say this, but I have not made one snow angel this year nor have I thrown a single snowball.

I am truly thankful for those Spring like days that we get in between the cold snowy days. They give me hope that warmer weather, scooter rides and gardens are just around the corner. Those are good days that boost and prepare me for the bad ones. But I need to learn to be thankful for those snowy "bad" days too. I need to remember the joy that a good snow day can bring and be thankful for snowball fights and sledding. So when the next snow storm comes around, I will find a moment to make that snow angel and be thankful for the opportunity.

I am thankful for busy days and evenings watching House of Cards. I am thankful for little button like daisies. I am thankful for those of you who give to my Donors Choose projects. And I'm forever thankful for you. Here's a weekend of family and love and a truly Thankful Friday.