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This is a weird Friday. I think maybe it's because of all the snow days. Technically I was only out for a day and half, but it felt like longer. After some time, everything about the house seems too small. The couch isn't big enough. The kitchen is cramped. The walls are to close. The air is too thin. Michael and I lamented the snow together, cursing every fallen snowflake as it came down Tuesday. An inch an hour, ten total. It was the snow storm that broke me into a thousand pieces last year. The same kind of snow storm that left me sitting on my front steps, crying, holding a shovel, and more crying. My driveway suddenly tripled in length. I was alone, shoveling all of that snow. My attitude towards this weather has not improved, but this time I was not alone. Poor Michael has been out of school all week. I came home from work Thursday to a super clean house. He had even organized all the supplies we'd purchased for our homeless care kits. We've been waiting to put them together because I ended up ordering Tylenol packets online. The snow delayed their delivery. The packets showed up Thursday, just in time for a Cabbage weekend. I'm going to try to convince her to help me put them together. But Michael admitted that he's going a little stir crazy. He said it felt like he was on house arrest. I am thankful that today he will at least be able to get out of the house for a bit.

Rumor has it there's more snow in store for us this weekend. I am hoping they are wrong. There's also rumors that the highs will be in the 50s next week. I am more thankful for that rumor because it means a return to some normalcy around here. A return to routine. Won't that be nice? In the meantime, I'll be thankful that the worst thing has just been the snow. All in all that's not too bad. No falls (yet). No wrecks. No busted pipes. Just cold and snow. We can survive that.

I am thankful for warm moments snuggled on the couch. I am thankful for thick SmartWool socks. I am thankful for silly stocking caps. I am thankful for a fresh new batch of veggie stock and ghee. And I am always, forever thankful for you.

Happy weekend and happy Thankful Friday!