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I started writing up today's post, talking about snow days and Chris's birthday, but I just deleted the whole thing. It's been depressing as fuck around here lately. I don't want to devote another entry to complaints about the weather or this lingering cough or the 10 inches of snow that Michael and I had to remove from the driveway. Instead, let's all dream of warm weather vacations. I've been reading Carl Hiaasen's latest book, Lucky You. His books always take place in Florida and though I would not really put Florida on my list of tropical vacations, the crazy romps through the Florida jungles seem slightly appealing. I also can't help but feel like I should be reading this book from a lounge chair, beachside, with a frilly umbrella drink. I will admit that I've been in a bit of a reading lull lately. It's been some time since I've gotten pulled into a book. This is unlike me. I used to be an avid reader, devouring books like they were nachos. These days I'm impressed with myself if I make it through a magazine. It's nice to be plowing through a book again.

I remember Sundays when Mom and I would spend all day in bed with a book. Dad would bring us breakfast in bed. We wouldn't go to church. We'd both just be laying around in our own beds reading. I'd finish multiple books in one day. I remember summers when I was little, where I'd fold up a sandwich, some water and a stack of books into a big blanket. I'd haul it all out into the pasture, hunker down near the blackberry patch and spend the whole day out there, just reading. I remember asking Santa for books and requesting specific books for birthday gifts. I didn't buy toys. I bought books. Every once in a while, we'd go out to lunch after Sunday service. Sometimes we'd go to the Black-Eyed-Pea. There was a Walden Books right next door. I'd finish eating as quick as I could and then go to the book store to wait for every one else to finish eating. I'd just sit on the floor in one section of the store, reading a book. The real treat was occasionally I was allowed to buy that book.

Books are vacations for your brain. I'd almost forgotten that. So...what are you guys reading these days?

Happy Love Thursday!