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So, yeah, the cold is still lingering. I stopped taking any over the counter meds last week, relying only on my neti pot and some grapefruit seed extract. I don't feel sick, like achy and feverish. I just walk around carrying a box of tissue and this week, I added a cough. Most people would say it's time to go to a doctor. I would strongly disagree them. There's a time to throw antibiotics at something and there's a time to let things take it's course (turn, turn, turn). Insteading of opting for traditional Western medicine, I decided to try traditional Chinese medicine. I visited an acupuncturist on Wednesday. Many, including Michael, will scoff at the idea of acupuncture, but again, I disagree. I got up from my session and did not need to blow my nose and in fact, could breath so easily through both nostrils, I hugged the therapist. Placebo effect? I don't even care. I feel better, so there. I am super thankful for that. Something else happened this week that made me slightly teary with happiness. A federal judge declared Oklahoma's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. I think many people were amazed when this happened in Utah recently, but I think I'm more amazed this happened in Oklahoma. Why should I care about this, especially if I no longer live in OK? I care because of the Jens. Of all the couples and pairings from our friends in undergrad, the Jens have been together the longest. They have seen each other through crappy jobs and grad school. They have a home together with two dogs. They are one of the best examples of what a good marriage should look like and now they will have the opportunity to make their union legal. And can I tell you just how cute it is to see Jen pulling pictures and ideas for their wedding? Yes, it's going to be geeky and awesome, but it's going to be theirs. I am thankful that this has happened for them. I am thankful for this validation for them. It's beautiful.

Good things are happening all around us. We just have to keep our eyes peeled for it. Here's to wonderful long weekend and a very very Thankful Friday.