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Last Friday, I woke up with a sore throat and the tell tell signs of the beginnings of a sinus infection. Michael fed me a Mucinex D and then I spent the rest of the day impersonating a zombie. We had adult plans for that evening so I was determined to rally and I did, but the next day ended in an Alca Seltzer induced coma. Now every thing is trying to come out through my nose. Everything. Tuesday morning I woke up to a glob of snot slowly trickling out of my right nostril that was the kind of clogged that blowing doesn't even budge things. It was like a vacuum seal bag with a leak. I found the whole thing outstanding particularly when I'd spent all of Monday complaining about the dry pain inside my nose. The inside of my nose resembled the dry barren landscape of the Sahara dessert or Death Valley. I imagined all the usual nasal bacteria crawling along a dessert landscape gasping "water" and seeing mirages of lagoons of crystal clear water. I vowed to move my humidifier from across the room to directly next to my head. Wednesday morning I was up at 4 AM, not because I couldn't breath, but because I had developed a urinary tract infection. I sat on the toilet and whimpered. That pain is so hard to describe. It's the feeling of how sucking on rusty nails tastes. I left the house around 5 AM in search of cranberry juice and AZO and made it two blocks from the house before realizing that I had forgotten my wallet and had to turn around. Which was fine, because I had to pee and cry again any way. Then I spent the next hour driving from Walgreens to Walgreens to CVS to CVS. There's at least one of those drugstores on every other corner around here, yet none of them were open at that hour. I ended up at a grocery store where I was lucky enough to find the things I needed. I spent the rest of the day drinking a mixture of water and cranberry juice and walking back and forth between my cubicle and the bathroom. I finished the day delirious and trying to convince myself and Talaura that Mary and merry sound different (they don't).

You know how as the New Year approached, the days started to speed by faster and faster? Well I feel like that now the New Year is here it has stalled out at this week and slooowwwwedddd waaaaaaaaaaaaay doooooooowwwwwnnnnnnn. It came to a screeching halt, lingering in freezing temperatures, piles of used Kleenex and countless toilet flushes. But even though I woke up to a new dusting of snow on Thursday, I woke up grateful that it was Thursday. I was even more grateful when I got up to pee and it didn't make me cry. Weeks like these make it really hard to find things to be thankful for.

I am thankful for warmer temperatures. I am thankful that I was able to beat this UTI in one day without antibiotics. I am thankful that I used one less Kleenex today than I did yesterday. I am thankful for those few days on the treadmill and those few days on my mat. I am thankful for the knowledge that I get a fresh start next week. And even though it tastes awful, I am thankful for cranberry juice.

Here's to the promise of a wonderful weekend and very Thankful Friday!