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The other day, while resting in savasana, my mind wandered to what usually happens when Talaura and I are in the same room together and all the laughing at ridiculous that takes place. This reminded me of the bread sandwich story and before I knew it I was giggling in savasana. I know I've never told the bread sandwich story. I'm not even really sure I can do it justice. The bread sandwich incident happened during our Gentlemen of the Road camping experience and will always be funny. After the first night of music, we went back to the tents. It was late and we were slightly drunk and hungry. I went into mom mode and started making all of us veggie sandwiches. Talaura ran into a friend from high school and went with her to her tent to chat, so I wrapped up Talaura's sandwich in a paper towel and set the sandwich in her chair. I ate my sandwich and went to bed. The next morning Talaura tells me how she came back to our campsite and knew that I had made her a sandwich, but she didn't know where I had left it for her. For some reason she thought I'd put the sandwich back in the bread sack. So, she pulled out the top two pieces of bread and started munching away, completely expecting there to be hummus and veggie stuff in between. Except there's not and Talaura is all "What the Hell kind of sandwich is this?!?". She eats several bites of dry grainy bread thinking that this is the worse sandwich she's ever eaten until she goes to sit in her chair and that's when she finds the real sandwich. By the time Talaura got to this part of the story, I could not breath. I was laughing so hard I had to lay on the ground. But it doesn't end there. That bread sandwich would stay with us for the rest of the weekend, because for whatever reason, Talaura stuck those two half eaten pieces of bread into her purse. At the end of the weekend, as we were packing up to leave, Talaura was rummaging around in her purse and she pulls out the bread sandwich and hands it back to me. By now the bread sandwich was beyond dry and mostly flat and it was the most hilarious thing I'd ever seen.

Most of you out there are probably reading about the bread sandwich, shaking your heads and going "I don't get it." I told you that putting it down on paper just cannot do that story justice. To this day though, just seeing the type of bread I used to make that sandwich can throw me into a fit of laughter. One of us only has to say the words "bread sandwich" and I'm done in. And I am completely in love with the simplicity of this.

Happy Love Thursday!