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Oklahoma State will play the University of Missouri in the Cotton Bowl tomorrow night which means this house is a house divided. Michael's all "Go Mizzou!" and I'm all "Go Pokes!". We've decided to stay in and watch the game. Monday Michael sent me this text: "Friday, six thirty, OSU vs MU. you're going down. Wager? I love you". We've been tossing wager ideas back and forth ever since. It will be the first adults only night we've had since Christmas Eve. So of course, all wager ideas have been sexual in nature. This is where I admit that I am not a creative wagerer. At least, not when sexual favors are involved. You here stories of bets between couples where if the guy wins, he gets to have sex with his wife and she wins, she gets to buy a new purse. I don't understand those kind of wagers because I feel like the woman is in a win win situation. A couple of years ago, I started working on a bit of fluffy fiction based on the perspective of Sherlock Holmes' maid. I had intended it to be somewhat erotic fiction. The thing is, at the time I'd been watching the new Sherlock Holmes series on BBC with Benedict Cumberbatch and I don't know what it is about that awkward looking man that makes me want to lick his neck, but there you have it. I started on my first little piece of fiction that is now sitting there gathering dust. I keep telling myself that I haven't worked on it because I don't know enough about Mr. Holmes and mysteries. It's true. I've never read any of the original books. I know I don't want to use the same mysteries, but I feel like there needs to be more to the story than just a sexual romp. I think I've set up some nice sexual tension between Sherlock and his new maid, Elizabeth. At least, I've got her baking and making tea for him. Really I'm kind of nervous in that 13-year-old-boy kind of way about actually typing out any explicit interactions between the two characters. What if I go too far? What if I offend? What if someone reads it and is so shocked and upset by the filthiness produced by my brain? And then I think "why is sex filthy?" (my brain is a slippery slope). In retrospect all of these questions make sense. I've never been good at asking for what I want. I want what will make the other happy. My fantasies are fulfilling the partner's fantasies and that's why coming up with a wager for this football game has been so difficult.

You know how all our favorite bloggers are offering courses on writing and photography? I think I may need a class on sexual creativity. Maybe I should just develop one on my own or a new 365 day project. 365 days of sexual creativity. I may be onto something (heh). As for tomorrow, I suggested strip football. For every point scored for MU, I take off an article of clothing and vice verse. I plan on cheating and wearing extra layers. Either way this puts us both in a win win situation.

Go Pokes! ;)