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Cindy Maddera


A little bit ago, I was contacted by one of my old yoga students. She has family in the KC area and will be here visiting for the Holiday. She wanted to know if we could meet so that I do a private yoga class with her. I tentatively agreed. I haven't taught a yoga class in almost two years. I am flattered that this student remembers me and remembers me fondly. But I'm a little nervous about teaching after so much time off. The thing is, I've been seriously thinking of getting back into the teaching thing again. I've got to get a lot of things taken care of first like CPR renewal and teacher's insurance. I've let all of that slide, but I vaguely remember (though I'm really afraid to say it out loud) being really good at teaching yoga. I got a lot of joy out of sharing my practice with others and maybe that's what made me a good teacher. There have been little signs here and there that have reminded me that this was something I did and did well and maybe it's time I started doing it again. I've been thinking of ways to develop a podcast for some of my old students. Skype yoga. Ha! It's like someone just put corn kernels in the popcorn maker. I'm thankful that this student appreciated me so much that she still thinks of me after all this time. I'm thankful for the shove this has given me to head back into teaching. I have very little going on this weekend besides teaching a yoga class and grocery shopping. This weekend is the calm before the storm. I plan on battening down the hatches, getting some extra rest and having all the things wrapped and ready to pack into the car. Boy, am I grateful for this. They are predicting ice and bad weather for the weekend and there is something very appealing about the idea of hunkering down inside my little house. I am thankful for this moment of peace and ease before the crazy hectic moments of the holiday set in. I feel like a broken record in saying that, but the anxiety and anticipation of what comes not just for me, but for us in the New Year. I am excited about the idea of decorating a new home. I'm thrilled with the prospect of a great American road trip. I'm even thrilled with the idea of reigning in my spending and getting my finances in order. I am thankful for all of that promise.

I am thankful for another project funded. I am thankful for moments on my mat. I am thankful for mac-n-cheese with noodles shaped like bunnies. I am forever thankful you. Here's to a blissful weekend and a truly Thankful Friday!