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The Holiday season inspires people to give to charities. I know that I tend to give a little more, like add change to Salvation Army bucket, donate a book or buy a family breakfast, but the best thing I've done this year is to set up a monthly donation to the Donors Choose program. I have Talaura to thank for that. She's the one that turned me on to that particular charity. I get requests from lots of places, mostly political, for donations. There was a time when I would become overwhelmed with the inability to give to EVERYONE. But there was also this sense that even if I was giving $10 to each of the charity requests that came my way, I still wasn't making a difference. This made me stop trying, stop giving all together. Donors Choose has taught me that I can make a difference and that every month I'm making a difference. I am thankful for this program and I'm so thankful for you who also jump on this band wagon with me. I may not be able to save all of the baby seals from being clubbed to death or have enough money to convince my political party to fight for equality, affordable health care or reproductive rights. But I can, with your help, buy a classroom some books or musical instruments. I think of it as an investment in my future. We are making a difference in our future. Thank you. What else? Let's see...The dryer part Michael ordered came in, which means he can fix the dryer and I can wash clothes. Laundry is not something you'd think I'd be thankful for, but the ability to do laundry in the comfort of my own home is something I am thankful for. I've grown soft over the years and the idea of lugging all the laundry to a laundry mat again makes me want to fall over like a limp rag doll. And since the temperatures are freezing here, there's no drying clothes on the line for me. So, yeah, I'm thankful for clean, DRY, clothes. Michael took CHARGE when the dryer broke. I am not used to that kind of behavior. I worry incessantly about sewage backing up again in the basement, cracks in the basement wall, tiles pulling away from the shower wall, all things homeownery. I have not once worried about the dryer, how I was going to get the dryer fixed, or how I was going to replace the dryer. So, yeah, I'm thankful for Michael taking over this worry for me.

It's cold as balls here, but at least the promised snow has only been a dusting snow. I'm thankful that there were no shovels involved in my morning routine. This will be a Cabbage weekend and it will be chocked full of Christmas parties. Michael's work party is tonight and mine is tomorrow. Somewhere between the two the Cabbage has some sort of birthday party. We will use that moment to drive across town to see about a Christmas present purchase for her (we're getting her a wagon!). I need to make stockings for Michael and the Cabbage and work on a couple of hand made gifts I've got going for some people. This will be one crazy full weekend and I can't wait. I am thankful for all of it.

Here's to a crazy weekend but an ever Thankful Friday!