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You know how I said something early this week about giving Michael my sinus infection for his birthday? Yeah...turns out he had (or has) borderline pneumonia. So our house is the house of ills right now. The good news is he went to the doctor who gave him antibiotics and steroids and he's feeling much better. If not a little stir crazy. I came home yesterday to a cleaned out and reorganized spice cabinet. I'm a little scared of what I'll come home to today. Michael went to a walk-in clinic at the CVS on Monday and they told him he just had a bad cold. Two days of fever and chills and Frankenstein noises convinced him to get a second opinion. I am so thankful that he did. I am thankful that he found a good doctor and got the medication he needed. I am thankful that both of us are on the mend. I started the week with good intentions to be on my yoga mat, get active, eat healthier/less and I can honestly say that I've ended this week with those intentions intact. When I couldn't get out of bed for yoga in the mornings, I made up for it by getting on my mat in the evenings. Every day was a treadmill day and lunch was bigger than dinner. I just gave myself a gold star for the week. There's something else I did yesterday that has helped me feel a little cleaner and that was to unsubscribe to all the promotion emails I get (with the exception to Anthropologie...IhatethemIlovethemIhatethemIlovethem). I get TONS of emails a day and maybe only one out 50 are from real people that have sent me an email to really correspond with me. I spent a good chunk of my morning the other day clicking on unsubscribe buttons and it felt goooood. Like real good. I don't know why I didn't do this earlier. I didn't realize how much lighter I'd feel without the daily reminder that the boyfriend flannel is now on sale at the GAP for $39.99 (that doesn't sound like much of a sale to me) or it's buy two get three pumpkin spice scented candles at Bath and Body (aren't they always doing buy 2 get 3 something?). It felt like I was clearing the way for a flood of good emails and sure enough, a few minutes after unsubscribing to five promotional emails, I got an email from Amy with some goods news. So there's something to clearing the bad to make room for the good. I am thankful for Amy's good news and I am thankful for setting those intentions for myself this week.

It is a Cabbage weekend for us. I'm going to try to get her to help me make a pumpkin pie I think. The weather here is going to keep us cooped up in doors and I may be just a little bit thankful for this. Usually we are on the go on Saturdays with grocery shopping and errands. These tasks are tiresome all their own. Throw a three year old into the mix and it's down right exhausting (intothecarseatoutofthecarseatintothecarseatoutofthecarseat). Again, I am thankful for being over the funk and taking my last antibiotic. I am thankful that Michael is also on the mend. I am super thankful to those of you who supported this months Donor's Choose project. Mostly I am thankful for your love and support. When I tell you guys to go donate funds to this or that, you go and do it and I'm wowed. Thank you.

Here's to a recovery weekend and Thankful Friday!