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Cindy Maddera


I have the kind of skin you can see through. I tan well in the summer, but during the colder months, my skin becomes pale, paper white, and slightly translucent. I am often distracted by the bright blue veins running through my wrist and into my palms. I can trace them all the way to the tips of my fingers. One day the veins in my hand made me curious about the lines on my hand and I started looking into the art of palmistry. What a neat hat trick. I can already tell you what direction your chakras are spinning. That's always a great party trick to get out the pendulum and watch spinning chakras. I could throw in palm reading and then retire to a gypsy life, traveling the country in my caravan, teaching yoga, resetting chakras and reading palms. Michael already says that I dress like a "damn hippy". I have the wardrobe. Turns out, the art of palmistry is quite complicated and I may look into actually purchasing some books on the subject. In the meantime, I've just poked around on the internet. My favorite palm reading information space has been from Gala Darling and her Palmistry 101 article. The way she describes things makes it sound less mumbo jumbo. Regardless, it's still a pretty complex art. It starts with just the shape of the hands themselves. My palms are square and slightly longer than my fingers. I have "fire hands" which means I tend to be energetic, at times impatient, and fiercely individual. I have cold hands that denote that I am generous, yet reclusive and hermit like. My hands are contradictions. Fire and ice. Energetic and reclusive. I am that Sting song All Four Seasons.

There are two lines in my hands that fascinate me the most: my heart line and my fate line. It is believed that lines on the left hand represent things intended for you. Gifts given to you by the Gods. The Gods intended for me to be the type of girl that falls in love easily, but with very little heart break or emotional traumas. In fact the Gods planned for me to be very happy in love, with a warm and generous heart. The Gods thought I'd be constantly changed by external forces. This is represented by at least three breaks in my fate line. But if you look at the lines on my right hand, you will see a difference. The heart line on my right has more downward lines and signs of stress. There is a loop in the center representing times of depression. There is more of a curve to my heart line on the right than that on the left. I am more creative than the Gods had planned for me to be and I have not let external forces change me as much as they thought. There is only one clean break in my fate line on the right. It happens high up near the head line, but then that fate line runs strong and true to base of my hand, meaning I am the master of my own fate. All of this from just two lines in my hand.

I'm really considering changing #21 on my list to "learn palmistry". Yes, it is a totally nutty pseudoscience, but it is a pseudoscience that I find fascinating. There's just something about the differences between the lines of one hand versus the other. Just like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, we are given gifts at birth. It's up to us to use those gifts and determine how to use those gifts. I like that all of this can be represented in the palms of our hands. Or maybe in a past life I was fortune teller. There were many Halloweens where I needed a last minute costume and more often than not that costume ended up being a gypsy costume. Next thing you know I'll be buying decks of cards and crystal balls. Maybe get a hankering for large looped earrings.