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The Cabbage has been spending time with her grandparents in Iowa for the last two weeks. The last time we saw her was on the fourth and we went bowling and it was awesome, but sad because we knew we wouldn't be seeing her again for a long time. We thought she'd be gone for a month, but plans changed and planets realigned and we will have the Cabbage ALL weekend. I am as surprised as you are about this next part, but I can't wait! We are going to pick out pumpkins to carve from the Farmers' Market and watch My Little Pony and maybe even hang out at Union Station. When Mom and I finally checked into our hotel in Dublin, it was too late to attempt a trip downtown and too early to call it a night. So...we went to IKEA and spent two hours wandering through hordes of people and trying not to impulse buy anything. We got to the kids section and I just exploded. I found the bed I want to buy for the Cabbage's future room and a chair and a swing and a rug and OH MY GOD THE KID SECTION AT IKEA! All of it. I wanted all of it. I don't know what I'm looking forward to the most: moving into a bigger house or decorating a room for the Cabbage. I am amazed at my reaction to her and how she's become just as important to me as her dad.

Michael has often commented about the mess he brings to my life. He says "I'm a mess" and he really is. Good Lord, you should have seen my kitchen the other night after he made pizza. His mess extends to an ex, in-laws, parents and step parents. But he is respectful of my need for clean and order. The Cabbage comes with her own mess, the kind that follows all little kids. I should be annoyed by it, but instead I have embraced it. The mess and chaos is the balance to my OCD tendencies. I'm so thankful for this balance and their presence in my life.

This week I had pizza for dinner Tuesday night, lunch on Wednesday, dinner Wednesday night and lunch on Thursday. I know I've said that I could eat pizza for every meal, but I know now that I need to make an amendment to that statement. I can eat pizza for every meal, but my body can not. My belly is starting to resemble a pizza. This weekend we will sit down and come up with a better, cleaner meal plan for the week. I am thankful that Michael is 100% on board with this.

I am thankful for the promise of this weekend, the pumpkin carving and meeting some of Michael's friends. I am thankful for the promise of good food. I am thankful for the promise of a house full of laughter, love and warmth. And I am always thankful for you.

Here's to a perfectly wonderful weekend and a beautiful Thankful Friday!