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I received a comment from someone new on an entry I posted early this week. The person told me that my words helped ease some their own pain from a recent loss. This isn't the first time something like this has happened, but it is rare that someone contacts me to tell me that reading my blog has helped them in some way. I am surprised and humbled every time it happens. The things I write here are often things that I cannot say out loud. The words are too rich and stick in my throat. It's rarely my intention to change minds or heal wounds or ease suffering with the things said here. But I do. I am thankful that I have this platform. I am thankful that I have a positive impact. This week was a Donor's Choose week and this month we picked Mrs. MacDonald's project to buy books for her library. Talaura's nephew goes to that school and that played a large part in our decision to fund it, but I was also drawn to Mrs MacDonald's enthusiasm to teach kids to love reading. There were a few of you that shared my link with others when I posted it on facebook yesterday. You just picked up that little ball I threw out there and ran with it. I am thankful for the donations, but I'm also thankful for that wave of passing it on. I encourage you and you encourage others and it's just this big chain of do gooding. It warms my soul.

I was also contacted this week by my friend Anna, whose mom works in a position that could help us get Dad moved to a hospital closer to home. Her kindness in just reaching out with something, anything, to help us brought me to tears. Even if nothing comes of it, I am thankful for the flicker of hope.

I really am blessed with the bounty of things I can be grateful. That's really what it ends up being at the end of a week, a bounty, because all those little things collect. And before I know it, I have a basket full. I am thankful for delcata squash, warm cups of tea, kind ears that listen to my crazy rants, and you. Here's to a wonderful weekend and a very Thankful Friday.