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Yesterday, Talaura and I were chatting (normal day) and we started talking about casting spells for this reason or that. This of course, led us to the internet where we discovered spells for all kinds of things. You can cast a spell to be closer to your cat or to know if you should travel. There's literally a spell for everything. Any way, we both agreed to work on one particular spell, but I didn't know how to "cast a circle". Again...the internet has everything. I now know how to cast a circle. The month of October always makes me nostalgic for those days when I was a kid and I believed in magic and conjuring. It's not just because of Halloween, though that plays a big part. There's something about the crispness in the air, the smell of apples and the leaves on the sidewalks. It invokes images of giant pots simmering on open flames. I played witch when I was a kid. I yanked up things out of mom's flower beds and stirred them in pots of water and wiggled my fingers over them because that's how they did things on TV. Those were the years where I still believed that I could make something happen, just like jumping on a crack would break my mom's back. There was nothing dark about it, just hopeful romantic fun.

A lot of those spells we looked at yesterday were like meditation. You sat in your circle and meditated on the thing you wanted or were looking for, not too different from prayer really. I was drawn more to the sentiment of it. The simplest "spell" involved sitting for 10-15 minutes thinking about this one thing. I like the idea of sitting and wishing for good things for the people I love. At some point we grow up and realize that we can't really conjure up things with spells. We lose the belief in that kind of magic, but only to replace it with a different kind of magic. The magic of a kind smile, the energy we send out when we love, is more powerful than any cauldron of boiling herbs and voodoo.

I want you to know that I feel that from all of you and your kind words and send it right back in equal kindness.

Happy Love Thursday.