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The first thing Michael did when we got home, the VERY first thing, was to go straight out to the backyard to check on and water the garden. The man is obsessed with the radishes he planted. I may have created a monster. He spends more time fussing over the garden than I do. But to be honest, I am a lackadaisical gardener. The first year of the garden I hardly ever watered the garden, but that was also the summer we got lots of rain. Things have been really dry around here this summer, but I still water like it's not. Michael waters every day. He spends time thinning out the radishes he planted and all but takes actual daily measurements of the other things we planted. Last night we toured a house that we thought might be the dream house. The inside was awful, but in the process we met a Realtor that we both really like. Michael told her the list of things we were looking for and he said that it must have room and lighting in the backyard for a garden. Without any prompting from me. But it's not just the garden. Early Saturday morning, Michael suggested that he hike out to the car and get my yoga mat for me. At first I said no, but then I could feel my achy hip and changed my mind. He didn't just go get my mat, but he also rolled it out in our camping area. He set up my yoga mat and made sure that I got on it. And when we talked to the Realtor last night, he was adamant that I have a yoga room.

At some point in the middle of Mumford and Sons, Michael turned to tell me that he was going to the bathroom and then asked me if I wanted anything while he was out that way. When he passed by Talaura, I heard him ask her the same thing. As he weaved his way away through the crowd, Talaura turned to me and said "He's nothing like Chris, but he still takes care of us." It's true. He's nothing like Chris but he still takes care of us.

Happy Love Thursday.