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Cindy Maddera


Things will be pretty quiet around here until I get back from Ireland next week. I will have minimum cell phone access (because I'm too cheap to get a real data plan) and I'm only taking the iPad for when I'm in WiFi areas. You might check back in here for Love Thursday, but other than that feel free to read back through some old entries. Up until this moment life in general has kept me distracted from this trip. New relationships, deaths, illness, work, acts of nature that caused my tree to fall into the neighbor's driveway are all the things that have been taking up my brain space. But now it's time to flip that coin. Ireland is my distraction from all of that general life stuff. For the next six days, all I'm going to do is point at things in the Irish country side with my camera or finger or both. I'm going to drink Guinness and try not to break anything in the Waterford Crystal Factory. I'm going to do yoga on the shores of Lough Leane. I'm going to reconnect with my mom because we haven't had time together like this in years. But I promise that I will come back.

Oh the tales and the pictures that await us!