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9669507070_3f9ca2e8fe_b's September. I don't know if you realize this, but, yeah, September. It is here. Back in late February or early March, tickets for the Gentlemen's Road Tour went on sale and Talaura and I were all over it. We waited kind of patiently not really to purchase our tickets, frantically hitting the refresh button on our computers to get the website to LOAD FASTER. I remember being so worried that I wouldn't get a ticket, like it would sell out in seconds. But it didn't. In fact, I was still able to purchase a ticket for Michael last month. So...Michael's first trip to Oklahoma...I may be a little bit nervous. Not too long after I bought my concert ticket, tax money came in and I was able to purchase a package deal to Ireland for me and Mom. We are leaving on Sept 24th. This is a Life List item and it comes at a time when I think mom will really need it. I know she's under a lot of stress right now, dealing with Dad and his failing health. It was around this time last year that we both decided that it was time to stop talking about going to Ireland and actually go to Ireland. Neither one of us have ever used a passport. We are both unbelievable excited about going. Yet as excited as I am, I have done very little research into where we will actually be going. I did buy Rick Steve's Guide to Ireland though.

And in between all of this is the Cabbage's birthday and working on getting things situated for Michael to move in. I suddenly realized that I have filled the month of September with chaos. It became apparent on Sunday that Michael would need more closet space. This means I will be packing up things I just unpacked a few months ago when I painted that room. This idea makes my shoulder sag a bit because I. Just. Unpacked. Those things. Which then led my brain to things in the basement that are still in boxes from the last move. And then there is space that needs to be made for the Cabbage. She needs a place for her toys and for her bed and my brain has started screaming at me that these are things that have to happen RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. Then I get a little overwhelmed and feel like I need a nap.

Then I take a deep breath and say to myself "one thing at a time" and that I'm not doing this alone. There's someone here to carry those boxes down to the basement. There's someone there to talk me down from the panic ledge. It will all get done. OK, maybe I'll be studying that Ireland guide on the plane on the way over. It will be just like those college days of cramming for a test the night before. I always aced those tests.