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Cindy Maddera


I have been fighting a sinus infection all week. It caused me to miss work on Tuesday and most of Wednesday. I thought I'd be able to function Wednesday, but after staring at my computer screen like a zombie for twenty minutes, I waved the white flag of defeat. I've reached the gross side of this thing where I feel better but sound like a fog horn. My decongestant doesn't let me sleep but it doesn't let me function normally either. So I took my last one Wednesday morning and fell asleep on my couch around two in the afternoon only to be startled awake by a knocking on my door at 2:30. But my thirty minute nap made me feel better. And even though I had to sleep with a kleenex shoved up one nostril, I slept completely through Wednesday night. So, instead of Mucinex-D, I've been dosing myself with homeopathic medicine like ColdCalm and grapefruitseed extract nasal spray. Yes, I may sound awful and may have spent a lot of time on Thursday mouth breathing, but at least I'm mouthing breathing with a clear head. I'll take it. I'll even be thankful for it. I will be spending this weekend with my family in Oklahoma. I haven't been home in months and even though this trip will not be for fun, I am still looking forward to seeing my family and being ensconced in their arms. I think we all need to hug each other right now. I am thankful that I am not so far from home. I know that there was always a plan to move to Portland and they may still be in the cards one day (who knows?). I am four hours away from my family now and I'm thankful for that because it makes it so much easier to just be there when I need to be there. I realize just how fortunate I am to be able to see them whenever I want. I know this is a luxury. I am thankful for that luxury.

I am thankful for so many things this week, but most importantly I'm thankful for you and your kind words, love and support. Happy Thankful Friday.