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I finally got a chance to go to the Frida and Diego exhibit at the Nelson over the weekend. We went just in the nick of time too because it was the second to the last day for the show. I almost waffled on going because we had the Cabbage with us. I worried that she'd be so bored and truth be told, she was. All morning I kept saying things to her like "hey! let's go see Frida!" or I'd ask "are you ready to go see Frida?" like we were really going to see a person named Frida. Every time, the Cabbage would reply "but where is she?". I thought it was funny that she never asked who Frida was, but was only curious to know where Frida was. Any way, despite having to be carried through most of the exhibit, she was fine. There was an almost melt down towards the end when we were forcing her to walk to the car, but ice cream is an amazing bribe. I started a new charity walk right there. We walk for ice cream. (Side note: That reminds me. Remember how Chris used to trick me to go with him to Office Depot by telling me we were going for ice cream? I have the mind of a two-year-old.)

Frida is not my favorite artist. Really, I prefer the artwork of Diego Rivera. I just like the roundness of his paintings. All the things in them look full, like fat baby arms and fingers, the kind you want to pretend to nom on until the baby giggles. I love and respect Frida for her spirit and her role as an early feminist and her blatant disregard to conformity. She didn't have that uni brow because she didn't know how to groom herself. That uni brow was one of her fuck yous to society. It said "I have hair that grows here, so let it. Deal with it." Her confidence in who she was as a woman and an artist is heroic. She lived her life outside the box of "normal" and I can't help but respect her bravery. She wasn't just brave. She was brave in her vulnerabilities. She was the original selfie.

Wall of Fridas

I want to be as brave as Frida. I want to be able to be that comfortable with who I am. I want to live my life outside the box. I'd like to think that I do. Oh maybe I don't so it with the same kind of flare and passion that Frida did. We can't all walk around with jazz hands or someone will get slapped in the face. But I can live my life with integrity and honesty. With bravery and vulnerability. But without the uni brow (I don't really have an issue with that. my hair just doesn't grow there).

Happy Love Thursday folks!