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August 1st, I received a birthday card from Tumbler informing me that my 365 Days of Happiness was officially one year old. I meant to post something about that when I received the email. I even planned on making a big deal out of it. I had successfully completed a 365 day project and figured that this needed to be acknowledged and celebrated. But the timing was off. I realized I'd taken a full year of pictures of things that had made me happy right around the time I had other things I wanted to blog about. So, I let this birthday quietly pass by. But I didn't pause. I've continued to take a daily image of something that has made me happy or brought me some sort of joy that day. It has become a regular part of my daily routine. This has two sides to it. On one hand I'm taking time to see and or find something every day that brings joy to my life. On the other hand, the practice has become so routine that it's like brushing my teeth every day. I will admit that there have been many times when I've gotten near the end of my day and said to myself with slumped shoulders "I haven't taken my 365 day picture today." On those days, I find myself scrambling around looking for anything to take a picture of. Oh! This thing! makes me smile when I look at it! Snap. That was not the intention of the project.

I always learn something from doing one of these 365 day projects or walk away with an intention for the next one. I started this project on a whim last year. I was six months into widowhood and grasping at straws to remain that positive amazing girl you guys all know and love. I know that's not an act I need to keep up, but at the time it was important to me to not let my grief change my core being. I thought this project would remind me of the person I am. Turns out I really didn't need that reminder (thank you internet). I know who I am. That doesn't mean that this project was for nothing. I recognize that there were too many days of phoning it in. So, I'd like to make some changes to this year of happiness pictures. I want to be more mindful of the picture I take and post. I don't want to rely on one picture either. I need to take several pictures throughout the day and then choose a favorite at the end of the day to post to the Tumbler page. Also...I'd like to capture more experiences that make me happy. I want to be more mindful of capturing those moments of joy that happen at random times. I will learn to be The Quick Draw McGraw of the camera phone. Just the idea of this is already making me smile.

So...Happy Birthday 365 Days of Happiness! Here's to so many many more.