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Michael is a bicycle man. He loves to ride his bike and had set a goal to put 500 miles on his bike this summer. He has a cyclometer on his bike to measure the mileage and he's all the time going to the bike shop, tinkering with his bike, talking about trails he rides on his bike, talking about his get the idea. Any way, he was at the bike shop one day when he saw a flyer for the AIDS Bicycle Cruise and without any prompting from me, he signed up to ride twenty miles to raise money for AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City. How cute is that?!?! Now Michael has never experienced the power of the internet. He doesn't blog or facebook (I know right?). He may have a twitter account that he never uses, but seriously he is not tethered to the online world like I am. He's never experienced the amazing wow of the good things that we can do through the power of the internet. Let's show him. He has from now until Sept 15th to collect donations. Please give any amount you can give. We both really appreciate it.

His donation page is here:

Thank you so dang much!

*Don't even ask me about his last name.