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Cindy Maddera


I'm sure you guys are wondering how dad is doing. I talked to my sister Wednesday night and I'm happy to report that dad seems a little better. At least he's not so weebly wobbly and his mood is better. Turns out, Dad has no idea how to take his medications. He was taking Lipitor and a generic version of Lipitor, essentially overdosing on cholesterol medication. He also has had type 2 Diabetes for almost two years now. He was taking medication for this, but not checking his glucose levels. In fact he didn't even own a glucometer until this week. These are all things we had no idea about. Dad refused to let any one go in to the doctors' office with him. Until now. Janell got onto both parents and some rules have been put in place to ensure that we all know what is going on and that takes his medication properly. So...I'm thankful that Dad is feeling better. I'm thankful that Janell could be there to help out. I'm thankful that we have a tiny bit more time to figure out what to do about my parent's living situation (the idea of moving them and cleaning out the house completely immobilizes me). But mostly I'm thankful that Dad is doing better. Really, that's the biggest thing of this week. I am thankful for the ease of this week. All things work and life related have run pretty smoothly. I have a new desk and work space at work that makes me happy. I had a nice dinner with Xander. I met with my massage therapist, Jeana, on Thursday. I didn't have to worry about meals for two whole days because someone else took care of that for me (I have more on this...later). Yoga has happened every day!

I am thankful...for all of it.