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I've been on a bit of a mini cleansing diet since I got back from Oklahoma. Not a huge change from what I usually eat during the week, just more green things like broccoli and kale (always kale). The other night I cooked Beluga lentils with quinao in ghee, coriander, fennel seeds, cumin and veggie broth. When the lentils and quinao were mostly cooked, I tossed in fresh broccoli and kale and then let them steam for a couple of minutes. I was not too enthusiastic while preparing this. The idea sounded blah, but I was being lazy and didn't feel like looking up a real recipe. But it was a surprisingly tasty meal. It reminded me of the kitchari I make, a simple dish of mung beans, rice and kale. Easy clean food. I made really poor food choices when I was visiting Amy. I ate lots of cheese pizza and junk. The morning of Amy's wedding, I went to Walmart to pick up something for us to eat on while we finished getting everything ready. I knew Amy wouldn't eat anything unless it was something she could pick up and shove into her mouth quickly, but I also wanted to put good food into our bellies. I had forgotten how hard this is to do in small towns like Duncan OK. They do not make it easy for you to make good food choices. When I told Matt and Amy that I just kept wandering around looking for the "organic foods" isle, they laughed at me. Even our regular grocery stores here have whole sections devoted to organic and whole foods. I kept looking for that kind of section at their Walmart, but it was nowhere to be found. Suddenly I was back in that place where I had to read labels and actually pay attention to what I was buying.

I am thankful I live in a place where I can easily make good food choices. In fact, it's so easy that it has made me a lazy food shopper. I don't spend hours in a grocery store reading labels or fretting about the price of a food item. I can remember wanting to use tempe in something but because it was $5 for a package at the health food store I would invent recipes that would get the most out of my purchase. That meant eating tempe everything that week. Now, at $2 a package, it's a no brainer. Not having to justify every purchase has really taken the stress out grocery shopping. No stress groceries means no stress eating, something I can be mentally and physically thankful for.

Speaking of stress free, I've booked a facial for myself today (because I'm trying to save money?). It's my treat for doing yard work and remembering to wear long sleeves while doing it (no poison ivy for me!). A friend at work recommended some Haagen Dazs gelato that I think will be on tonights menu. I might even go see a movie. This is turning out to be a more restorative weekend than the last. And that my friends is something to truly be thankful for today. Hope everyone has had a safe and fabulous Holiday.

Happy Thankful Friday!