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Friday evening, I started the car up after driving the scooter all week and the check engine light came on and then my stomach began to twist up in knots. I am driving to Oklahoma; actually I'm on the road right this minute heading in that direction. I could not make my trip with the check engine light on. Monday after work I drove way the heck out to the dealership, in bumper to bumper traffic and rain pouring down in buckets. The guy I gave my car to was unnerved by my neighborhood and the thought of me riding the scooter. So he arranged a loaner car for me, a car I was not used to driving and bigger than the one I was used to driving. By the time I made it home that evening, all of my muscles were drawn up into a tight ball and my eye was twitching. Then I began to fret over what might be wrong with my car. What if whatever was wrong was not covered by the warranty? When the mechanic told me about the possible charges if it wasn't something warranty related, I almost threw up. I thought "there goes my savings". Tuesday, they called to say that everything was fine. There was a misfire error and they took care of it. No worries. The whole point of getting the new car with a warranty was meant to ease a little stress and worry. The problem is I am not used to the idea of a warranty. I've never had the luxury. I am so thankful that there was nothing major wrong with the car and I'm super thankful that I didn't have to pay for anything to fix the car. I am also that the car is not something I will be worrying about while I'm on my trip. During the same time I was fretting about my car, Talaura was in New York fretting about signing on her new apartment. She still has things to fret about with all the moving and getting settled in the new place, but one thing she no longer needs to worry about is where she is going to live. Remember last week when I talked about wanting good things for the people I love? Well...this is a good thing I have been wishing on for Talaura for over a year now. One night, not to long ago, I was tipsy texting to Talaura. I just happened to be in my backyard when I saw a shooting star. I wished that night Talaura would get her apartment. I kept that a secret until I talked to her after she closed on Monday. I know she still has lots and lots to do and I know that it is all very stressful for her, but I am so happy that she has this space of her own. I am thankful that she has this space of her own.

I've already mentioned that I am on my way to Oklahoma. I am headed to Duncan for a wedding because Amy is getting married. I almost can't believe that she's getting married but I'm thankful that she has found someone that she wants to marry. I'm thankful for Roger being the guy that made Amy want to get married again. If that even makes sense. I'm thankful for their happiness and I can't wait to celebrate with them. I am thankful for the brief snippets of time that I will get to spend with my friends in OK. I am even looking forward to Oklahoma heat. I have plenty to be thankful for this week. I'm thankful I got my yard mowed before it rained. I am thankful for someone cooking me dinner so I wouldn't have to worry about food while gathering things for my trip. I am thankful for a few days of vacation. And...well...I'm always thankful for you.

Here is to a glorious weekend and a truly Thankful Friday!