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One time dad was doing one of his long drives from Wyoming and he made it to Kansas City around noon. He came by work and I gave him the keys to my house with strict instructions for him to take a nap. He mowed my yard. He mowed the front and backyard after I told him specifically not to. He said he closed his eyes for a few minutes and then he told me I'd bought the wrong mower. He said something about four wheel drive and I stopped listening but that's the thing with dad. The thing that I will remember most about my dad is his obsession with lawns and lawn mowers. The last time I was home, we were walking around the yard and dad kept talking about how high the grass in his yard was already getting and he had just mowed a few days ago. He said when he shut the mower off he kept hearing this strange noise and he thought maybe something was wrong with his mower. Then he said "I know what that sound was". And I fell for it. I asked "What was it?" and then he said with a completely straight face "it was the sound of the grass growing." Wamp wamp. I'm thankful for my dad. I'm thankful for his goofy sense of humor and his tall tales. I am thankful for his willingness to help and his surprise visits. There are other things to be thankful for this week, but dad is the most important even though I am thankful for him everyday. Chad called earlier this week to tell me the funniest story that doesn't even translate to written word. Let's face it. There's so much about Chad that doesn't translate to written word. He's one you have to see to believe. But he also told me about the plans he and Jess are making for their future. They are plans that make me happy and happy for them. And this makes me thankful. It reminds me of something Chris said to Talaura once about how we just want good things for our friends. I want good things for you and I am thankful when those good things happen.

Jill sent goodies with Jeff to work this week. I am so thankful for those chocolate chip cookies. I am also thankful that Jill likes to bake. I am this close to finishing up a troublesome project at work. After countless set backs, I've finally made some progress and this is something I'm very thankful for. I'm thankful for the great weather we've had here. Xander came and helped me paint my office over the weekend and though I'm really thankful for his help (that boy didn't even need a step stool), I am even more thankful for the time we had to just talk to each other. Also, I love my purple room. I'm thankful for the fresh mint growing like crazy in the garden. I am thankful for you.

Here's to a grand weekend and a truly Thankful Friday!