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Amy's wedding is an obvious choice for this week's Love Thursday entry and her wedding was truly lovely. It was full of tiny details and things that girls will pin to Pinterest for future reference, but that is not the reason for making it a Love Thursday post. All of us who know Amy all thought that this wedding, the big girly princess show of it, was out of character for Amy. She hates standing up in front of large crowds and having people stare at her. But she does like to do crafty things. That may have been part of her reason for putting together this elaborate affair. It gave her the excuse to sit down and make things. I think the real reason why she did all of that work to put together this wedding, is because this one really matters. I believe Amy has finally met her match in Roger. This was not just a wedding to join two people into the bonds of matrimony, but a celebration to honor the love and respect they have for each other. The two of them glowed like glowworms through the entire event, the joy and happiness radiating off them in waves.

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I am in the process of learning to accept romance. The word "romance" always implied something false to me. Romance is frilly things and candy hearts, all the things that set my teeth on edge. But I am learning to accept that sometimes we do and say things in a truly honest way that can be construed as romantic. This weekend helped in teaching me this lesson. I am an honest romantic. When Roger talks about Amy, you know without a doubt that he loves her. Turns out I get all teary when I hear someone declaring his true feelings to someone I care for and want the best for. Those good things that I've wanted for the people I love all seems to be happening right now, in this moment. With the Supreme Court striking down DOMA, who knows? Maybe the next wedding we all go to will be the Jens'.

Happy Love Thursday!