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This morning I slathered Calamine lotion on my poison ivy rash and realized that I was essentially slathering my entire body. What started out as a small patch on one elbow is now on both elbows and the insides of my upper arms and the backs of my knees and a spot on my neck. And well...I made an appointment to see the doctor. I figured that I should do something before Amy's wedding so I won't be standing there in a green dress with pink blotchy lotion all over my arms and legs. You can track my daily activities by following the patches of pink lotion. I got up from savasana this morning and left behind pink splotches on my mat and the carpet. There's a place on the wall where I bumped my elbow. There's a smudge on the driver side window where I rested my arm while waiting at a stop light. It looks like I've let loose a toddler with a pastry bag of strawberry frosting. The problem is, I'm the toddler. It's nothing a pack of Prednisone can't fix. The last time I was on Prednisone I became really focused to work on many things at one time. I started two writing projects and wrote furiously on both of them for days. One of those stories I thought had great potential to be something sell-able. I could easily see it holding it's own with the likes of Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray. But once the Prednisone high wore off, so did my feverish attempt at writing. Poor Elizabeth may never figure out why the post would cause Sherlock to slam that door to his study. Instead, my thoughts have already turned to the idea of painting my hallway. I have leftover paint from the living room, more than enough for my little hallway. Then I started thinking of filling those walls with pictures I've taken, one big collage of different frame sizes and shapes. I can see it in my head, putting all the frames together like a giant puzzle. I've taken some really great photos recently (at least I think they're great) and it's a waste to just have them floating around on the aether. Damn it all, if that's all I can think about now and the sad thing is I haven't even started my Prednisone pack.

I've had lots of project ideas lately but I've lacked the oomph to get up and do anything about it. Some of this is due to the fact that it's just easier to be on the couch, but a really valid reason is that some of those ideas are going to cost me money. I can paint the hallway right now because it's only going to cost me a paint roller. I could take on the office, but I know that once I start with paint, it will not stop there. I'll want new blinds at the very least and I'll want to rip out the carpet. If I rip up the carpet I'll have to deal with the floor. I have no idea what the shape of the floor is under the carpet, but I have a feeling it's not good since that's the only room in the house that has carpet. And this post just got real rambly.

Just wait until the Prednisone kicks in.