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Cindy Maddera


I spent two hours on my yoga mat on Monday. At one point, I was in a wide-leg forward fold and I put my head on the floor. Then I lifted my legs up into a headstand just like Cirque du Soleil acrobat. I stayed in headstand for a bit before coming back down into wide-leg forward fold. And then I started laughing. The kind of laughing that makes it impossible to really do anything else but laugh. Also, I'd left my Pandora Playlist playing on the TV and there were moments during my practice when I had to take a dance break. The routine looked something like this: sun salutation stepping back right foot, coming back into tadasana, dance break, sun salutation stepping back left foot, coming back into tadasana, dance break. And then there was the laughing. If I had been in a normal classroom, the teacher would have asked me to leave. If I had had a student in my class like this, I would have encouraged the rest of the class to join in. I have never taken my yoga practice seriously. Well...that's not true. I have taken the act of actually stepping on the mat and doing the practice seriously, but not the actual poses. I take care to do the poses in a way that is safe for my body but it is not a practice that makes me set my facial muscles into rigid concentration mode. I am thankful that I have a practice that makes me laugh, not at myself but at the shear act of taking that moment to pretend to be my very own circus act. Well...I have tendency to be a walking circus act even when I'm not on my mat, but I'm thankful for those intentional moments of circus stardom.

Wednesday, Jill sent Jeff into work with a tub of left over Nutella icing just for me. He handed over while I was standing in front of the microwave heating up my lunch. I didn't even wait. I pulled off that lid and dug my spoon in. Jeff looked at me standing there with the container in one hand and a spoonful of icing in my mouth, chocolate on my fingers and said "I think that's the happiest I've seen you in weeks". I grinned a messy toddler worthy grin. Maybe all I needed was some Nutella icing. Forget Vitamins. Maybe I should start my day with icing. I'm thankful that Jill thought to send that tub of icing.

And I'm thankful for you. Happy Thankful Friday!