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I've been doing this thing a lot lately where I start to panic about what bills to pay when at what payday as well as keeping track of dates of up coming events like Mother's Day, weddings, BlogHer (finally bought my airline ticket), concert(s) and OMG!Ireland. I have nothing written down in one place. That's not true. I still use a budget sheet for the bills, but everything else is scattered here and yonder. My sister's stepson, Christopher, is getting married in a few weeks and I plum forgot to mail in my RSVP, until my sister sent me a text earlier this week.  It's been sitting on my kitchen table for WEEKS! Any way numbers are swirling about in my brain having gang wars these days and I need to get them under control. I bought one of those big desk calendars where you can write on the days. I thought I would do better if I had one place where I had things written down and could physically see what those days would look like financially and socially.  I was really proud of myself for this idea, but when I ripped open the calender, I discovered that the calendar doesn't start until July. So...I'll get my shit together in July. It was a good thing Janell reminded me about that wedding because for some reason I thought it was the same weekend as Mother's Day. I figured two birds, one stone. Turns out that theory is incorrect. The wedding is the weekend AFTER Mother's Day. I can't afford to make two trips to Tulsa in the same month and I started fretting about letting Mom down on Mother's Day. Then I remembered that this is a First Friday weekend. That means art walks and food trucks. It means that the antique markets in West Bottoms are open and as a bonus, the Brookside Art festival is this weekend. These are all things my mom loves. I did not have to twist her arm to get her to come see me this weekend at all. I am thankful that we will have this weekend of things to do and selfishly, I am thankful that I will have this time with Mom without any other obligations, despite the fact that the weather keeps acting like it's mad at us.

This week I have ridden the scooter and slept with the windows open. Wednesday morning, I laid in bed for a few minutes before getting up to start my day, just listening to the birds talk to each other outside. That afternoon I walked outside to take a picture of one of our fountains. It was so warm outside that I had to take off my sweater. And then it all went to poop. It was snowing while I typed this entry. Big snow globe snowflakes. I think it's about time Mother Nature booked herself a stint in the Betty Ford Clinic. I am thankful that I took the time on Wednesday to enjoy the warmth and to be outside.

I am thankful for a package of seeds that came from Suebob (that gets it's own entry). I am thankful for finding creativity when I didn't plan my Thursday meal well (zucchini, mushrooms, tofu and pasta...that's what I had to work with). And I am always thankful for you.

Here's to a great weekend and a very Thankful Friday!