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While I was in Tulsa this weekend, my friends Eagle and Miranda (who live in Tulsa) where having a mini-vacation in KC. Lucky for me their mini-vacay lasted through Monday so I was able to meet them for lunch. Miranda is a recent veggie convert and it was easy to twist their arms into trying my favorite vegan restaurant. We had a great visit chatting about family, their trip, the delicious food. All of that good stuff. I hated that I didn't get all weekend with them but was happy with the time we did have.

Eagle and Miranda

That same Monday, all Hell was breaking loose in Oklahoma. I was doing my part to help by being a calm texting voice of reason to my friend Jen who was waiting out the weather and worrying about her husband Ken who was supposed to be getting on a plane. He eventually did make that flight many hours later, a flight that brought him here for a conference. I kidnapped him from the conference yesterday and forced him to eat Ethiopian food and drive him around the city. It was great to see him and hear the news about what is going on at my old work place. We had a nice visit and I got a little bit teary when I dropped him back off at his hotel.


Tonight I will meet Chris's family for dinner. They are here for a family get-a-way. I haven't seen the kids in too many months and I have a feeling that they might not be "kids" any more. So this seems to be the week of surprise visits. People dropping into my days to share meals and break bread with. I cannot complain. Each one have been a pleasant surprise to this week.

Happy Love Thursday.