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Hey, you guys remember when I ate this?

Classic Italian

And when I took this picture?


No? does seem like a lifetime ago. But do you see that guy taking orders? I met him the other day. His name is Ceasar (the mastermind behind The Magical Meatball Tour). We sat outside at Bella Napoli's and he watched me eat my pizza while regaling me with tales of his life. There's a word in Ayurveda called rasa that basically means juice or essence. It's that thing that makes life good. When you're living a rasa life you are living a juicy life. Ceasar is one of those people that has a lot of rasa in his life. He's head chef at a trendy farm to table like restaurant and when you watch him talk about cooking you can tell he loves it. He was once part of a traveling sideshow where he ate glass and swallowed swords. He ATE glass! He rides a scooter and he gives really great hugs. He is, by far, the most fascinating person I've met in a really long time (maybe since that time I met Wayne Coyne).

All I did was sit and listen to these stories. The most crazy and exciting thing I've ever done was get married in Vegas and buy a scooter. I had my eyebrow pierced for a while. That's livin' on the edge. I have always led a safe and somewhat conventional life. At one point Ceasar stopped in the middle of something and said "I think I'm doing all the talking." I just shrugged and said "yeah". The truth was I didn't really care. I was just having a good time listening to all of it. I am not the extreme adventurer and I am perfectly OK with this. That's just not who I am or my job in life. No, my job is to be the recorder of these stories, to be the one that sits in rapt attention. I am the observer. I always have been. Of all our friends from college, I am the only science person. They were all English/Drama people. It was like I was part of their group to study them. I like thinking of it that way. I like being the collector of those tales and memories, scientifically filing them away in the back of my brain.

Happy Love Thursday!