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This week was one of those weeks where the alarm would go off at the usual 5:20 AM time and my first thought would be "I don't want to get up and do yoga today." I gave into that thought on Tuesday. Wednesdays I go to a class after work, so it was OK to give into that thought. Thursday morning I added excuses to that thought. My hip hurt. My ankle was sore. But then I threw back the covers and got up any way. There is a joy that I find from being on the mat. My Wednesday night yoga teacher always makes a note about the smile on my face as I do my practice. I noticed that this happens every time I get on my yoga mat. Even on those mornings when I think I don't want to be there. I am not just thankful for the practice, though it did make my hip and ankle less achy. I am thankful for the joy that it brings me and the sense of grace and beauty as I move from pose to pose. My days and evenings have been filling up lately. I am busy with work and busy staying on track with my usual routine. And I don't see things slowing down any time soon. For once, I think I'm really OK with this. Part of that is because, even though I'm busy with other things, I am still taking time to maintain my usual routine. I'm still taking that time in the mornings to fill my heart with joy. It's amazing how this makes my days go by easier. Toss in a bit of sunshine and warmer temperatures and I am content.

I am thankful for my scooter ride on Thursday. I am thankful that Salvation Army could come and take away my failed garage sale. I am thankful that I have sold both bicycles. I am thankful for the sprouts I spied in the garden yesterday. I am thankful for the promise of gorgeous weather this weekend. I am thankful for my new pink shirt that's covered in little white elephants. I am thankful that someone (it was Chad) called me skinny this week. And I am super duper, forever grateful for each and everyone of you.

Happy Thankful Friday!